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Zuup Pill Dispenser

About Zuup Zuup is a stylish, portable pill dispenser. Zuup was an interesting product in that it allowed those who are conscience about taking their pills in public to be discreet while fashion forward. It aimed at targeting younger audience who had this problem, like the teen in high school who would have to take meds in between classes.

The Challenge

Being a very new product, the challenge was to establish a brand that conveyed what the product is about: trendy, stylish and elegant.

The Process

Zuup initially had nothing so we started with research and a lot of client dialogue to discover the core of the product. We started with the most iconic part of any brand, they logo and from there expanded on other brand assets like website, promotional art, brochures, banners, etc.

Design & Development for Zuup

  • we designed their logo
  • we designed & developed their website.
  • we outlined their brand strategy.
  • we created their promotional video

Zuup ProductZuup Brand Guide

Zuup Web

Zuup Web

Zuup Web4

Zuup Web


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