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What We Look for in Startups

Even though we're not an investment company in the traditional way, we're based on the same principles by those who've done this before us. We summarize it the same way Robin Klein does: Team, Tech & Traction. Team It's always about the people.  It's always about the people who can be leaders and have vision and ability to execute. This is what is truly important in a team. With that said, the founding team, partners of individual must impress us with passion, vision, ambition, planning, executional abilities and of course - a skill-set that's imperative to your start-up.

Tech We're not looking for patented ideas or heavy R&D. We're creatively investing in products and services where we can bring something useful to the table. Given our background that would be web-based consumer or SME (SaaS) solutions. In this area we're looking for unique, innovative ideas. It can also be something traditional but with a fresh take on it that differentiates it from everything else.

Traction This is not a make or break aspect of us investing but definitely a factor that gives you a better chance of our creative investment. The way we look at it, if you're lacking in the creative department but still have traction, imagine how we can help with a more visual and brand strategic approach. Traction is a bonus.

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