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What is TheGlint: A Hero Accelerator

For the past three weeks I was working furiously on a new project of mine called TheGlint. I was trying to keep this under wraps until the right time but given we so many people involved, it's difficult to control how information will spread once word gets out. Well it has so I figure I should clarify what it is. TheGlint is a creative, collective space located in the center of San Francisco founded by Charles Lee, Alexandros Pagidas and myself. The house is a seven bedroom house, four storeys and located at the top of Twin Peaks, overlooking the city. It's inspiring, breathtaking and downright gorgeous.









More than a House

The idea of TheGlint is much more than a gorgeous house on a mountain.

Elevator Pitch: A Hero Accelerator

Some accelerators do aspects of what we'll be attempting. For example YC. Others built a nice community but they were one-dimensional (Blackbox). TED has done a good job curating amazing people but is a temporary once a year event. Universities have devolved into business bureaucracies. Monasteries have turned their faith and search into dogma. Artistic collectives are creative but unfocused and all over the place hence failing to achieve impact. Hacker spaces cater only to particular types of people and confine themselves to the fringes.

TheGlint aims to create a multi-dimensional network of individuals who are focused on impacting the world in positive ways. Not necessarily just to change it but also those who inspire others through their own failures.

Our tagline is ‘redesigning heroism’ which is at the core of what we want to do. The definition of hero is quite broad and even subjective because it can be someone who save lives, who creates beautiful products or captivating artwork that evokes emotions. We seek to discover heroes in every dimension and our belief is that this cannot be done individually but collectively. As a community of extraordinary individuals, TheGlint will accelerate heroes through inspiration, feedback and motivation.

There is nothing wrong with financial freedom being one of your motives; we all need some resources to survive and few would doubt that extra resources, under the right skills and vision, can help everyone flourish. Steve Jobs once said, entrepreneurs are those who builds lasting companies, the HPs, Intels and Apples of our time. I disagree, what Steve speaks of are modern day heroes.

Our challenge, in order to accomplish our mission, is to discover ways where aspiring visionaries can create value and lasting legacies, not just for themselves but for the next generation. In doing so, we discover and or create heroes.

Based on this premise, TheGlint will very much be experimental. We will explore ways to overlay art, entrepreneurship, engineering, robotics, science and philosophy. There is no limit to our creativity and nothing is outside our scope of exploration providing it helps us discover passions, purpose and value. This is what will make TheGlint unique because achieving a single element in any individual is beyond measure. We do this, not through organized but a disorganized structure.

TheGlint will consist of its core residents who live and work in the space focusing on their own projects while part-taking in, voluntarily, in projects and events of TheGlint. These residents are the driving force of the community who will help cultivate each other and our guests. Our guests will be entrepreneurs, designers, artists, inventors and visionaries who align with our purpose and community. Guests stay at the house for a period of two weeks as they either visit from within the US or  from all over the world.

We’ve carefully spent two gruelling weeks putting together what we feel is the best start to a community of this calibre. Every individual was carefully considered because of the value they bring to the community. These individuals are as follow:

StartupGenome:Max MarmerBjoern HerrmannErtan DogrultanThiel Fellows:Alexander KiselevTom Currier, John Burnham, Jeff Lim Founders:Charles LeeAlexandros PagidasDamian MadrayAnd others: Aleksandra Markova

These individuals are incredibly excited about our vision and have all been actively thinking about their own contributions. Alexander Kiselev already has his own idea on an art piece - he's an engineer. The mere fact that that he's already thinking on the subject of art shows the potential of what TheGlint will encourage.

I have several artistic ideas that will closely integrate DesignersCouch with TheGlint. Alexandros has an interesting concept around Philosophy.

What we're looking for?

In the event your mind is blown and you're thinking, "wow, how can I help?" Well, we're looking for anyone who aligns with our vision that is willing to sponsor TheGlint. There are several spaces in TheGlint that can be sponsored by various companies. There's:

  • A common space: We're looking for companies with amazing furnitures who'd be willing to furnish the space.
  • A workspace: Any great office furniture company or anyone in the space is welcomed.
  • Art Gallery: We're aggressively looking for someone who'd help us with printing.

In order to help, simply retweeting this would help. You can also reach me via Twitter or Facebook. Once we've established contact, we can discuss further via email.

We'll have a launch party once things are settled and we're open to housewarming gifts :). Stay Tuned...