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What Inspired The Madray Ventures?

The Madray Venture is an incubator program for start-ups that invests creatively in start-ups. We take a similar approach to YCombinator and TechStars but it's unconventional because design is traded for equity instead of cash. Learn more about it here. The Madray Ventures is quite ambitious considering we're no big name agency but what we lack for in credibility we make up for in ambition and drive. I've always loved working for start-ups and small businesses because I feel that's where I make the most impact and where I can see my ideas becoming real.

As we relaunch from what was previous Depthskins Design Studio, The Madray and The Madray Ventures is an approach to continue working in the design space in a traditional sense but also in an unconventional way. I think design has risen to such great importance that it's as valuable as cash investment. Reading Tim Brown's Change by Design also solidifies that thinking and even brought more clarity to it. If two co-founders in a start-up does not bring design to the table, it means they have to pay for it because in today's landscape, it's one of the differentiating factors.

Certainly the idea was inspired by YCombinator and TechStars because I couldn't love more what they're doing. In my own small way, I want to do the same. I want to help because so many start-ups cannot afford a good designer. How can I help? The Madray Ventures answers that call.

By no means getting into the program is easy and we intend on being as selective as our inspirations are because like any good portfolio, we're looking to have successful graduates of the program.

So simply put, a culmination of my passion, desire to help , to bring about change and to put my design thinking to work is what inspired The Madray Ventures. It's an experimental idea with uncertain future but that's what makes the whole prospect exciting.