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What does your Business Card say about you?

Last night I was downtown San Francisco attending Founder's Showcase where the keynote was with @msuster and @naval. I met some really interesting entrepreneurs doing exceptional things and at the end of it, 5 of us were lucky to chat with David Blumberg, a VC from Blumberg Capital. As the conversation came to a close, it was time for the inevitable business card exchange. The reason we're all there. Much to surprise, David stopped and analysed by cards pointing out why it's unique. The design and print of my card became topic of discussion and I learned three interesting tid bits. If you're an entrepreneur, you might want to listen up.

  1. The first interesting point that I didn't even ever think about was that one's card should always have white to allow investors to write on it. Why? Well, these guys talk to entrepreneurs everyday, as many as 70 he says so to remember, they write on the card short notes about the individual. He didn't mention this but it certainly helps if the card is paper or not overly glossy.
  2. The next point of interest was the card stock. Always go with something of quality so your card is thick and heavy, nothing flimsy.
  3. The last point of David's interest was the texture, a small detail I often thought was overlooked but it isn't. In fact, it's probably the second most important WOW factor in a card.

I'm proud of my card immensely because when I set out to do it, I always wanted people to stop and talk about it and it often happens. However, when a VC stops and notice, well, it's a little more of a big deal. So it turns out your card doesn't have to be crazy cool like this or this.

So what does my card say about me? I don't know exactly. I leave that up to Mr. Blumberg to conclude but based on the above comments, it can't be bad.

Business cards might be a dying form connecting but it's not dead yet nor will it be anytime soon. Take pride in your business cards, it says a lot about who you are.