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Twitter Can't Best Tweetie... Here's Why.

I recently switched to the official Mac application for Twitter after their recent upgrade but sadly after a week of using it, I feel like I'm ready to switch back to Tweetie. The original. While there's some things about Twitter App that I like, it has one fundamental usability flaw that ruins my user experience.

Everyone who uses Twitter on Mac religiously knows you can create a shortcut  that brings up a 'tweet compose window'. The same exists on Tweetie. This window appears anywhere, no matter what other application you're in. The purpose of this function is to allow you to compose a tweet on the fly. Really quick. Really simple.

Tweet Compose Window: Twitter on the left. Tweetie on the right.

Within Tweetie there's this option that allows me to select which account I want to tweet from right within the 'tweet compose window'. In Twitter, they removed it.

That's my problem. In doing so Twitter now doesn't give me an option to select which account I want to tweet from. For me, this is an issue because if I last left it on @designerscouch account but want to make a tweet from my own account (@themadray), I can't. It forces me to pull up the main Twitter window, switch to the account I want to tweet from then re-open the compose window.

I'm sure I don't have to paint a picture on how poor usability this is. It truly defeats the purpose of composing a tweet on the fly.

There's another situation where I might want to reply to a tweet I saw in @designerscouch stream via my own account. The removal of this function prevents me from doing this as well.

Twitter gives the option to add multiple account yet for some reason assumes I would only be using one account. In all their wisdom, I'm 99% certain their justification is simplicity. Taking a minimalistic approach in design is good but it doesn't mean removing useful functions. Maybe I'm alone on this but having that option in there didn't bother me, it helped me. I'm sure it would help anyone who maintains multiple accounts on Twitter.

To me, it seems Twitter cannot best Tweetie. I'm sure if they kept Tweetie around in the App Store, I wouldn't have switched. The Mac desktop client they can't pull and I'm thankful for that because I'm sticking to Tweetie until Twitter gets it right.


@dp16 informed me that Imissed the UI that allows me to switch. Hidden away... perfectly, if I hit the icon, there's option to switch. That's good. I stand corrected!