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The Miracle Tablet

About mberry mberry elevates your taste experience, transforming lemons into delicious sweet lemonade. mberry products are all natural and are made from the finest hand selected miracle berries.

The Challenge

mberry came to us with an already existing product and brand, one that was well recognized. However, they didn't like the branding, the visuals or the name. So we were tasked not with re-branding but creating a separate product line that can become its own brand. Something simple, clean, elegant yet fun and sweet was required.

The Process

As all our branding projects, we start out by carefully interviewing the client learning as much as we can about the product, the business and their vision. It turns out on every level mberry has rich beginnings. Once research and interviews was completed, we set out to create the mark that would become synonymous with this product.

Design & Development for Zuup

  • We designed their logo.
  • We designed & developed their website.
  • We outlined their brand strategy.
  • We outlined their marketing strategy.

mberry Brand Assets

mberry Packaging

mberry Web

mberry Web