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The Launch of The Madray

I've been designing for over eight years now and I've been doing it under Depthskins Design Studio. This year, I decided it was time for a change because I've outgrown Depthskins in so many ways, especially with the branding. The name suddenly sounds silly. I don't like the logo. The website sucked. And yes, I was proud of all this a few years ago.

This is how you know you've outgrown something, when it starts to suck.

With this new reality, I set out to build a new brand from scratch. Naming is always the hard part when I set out to do these things but I got hooked on 'The Madray'. It's not about ego. In fact, I spent weeks trying to talk myself into sticking with it.

I succeeded in convincing myself to stick with it because I remember orientation day at the Art Institute of Toronto, the admin said my name would make a cool name for a design studio. This and the fact I thought it was cool made it stuck. I also thought that out growing this will most likely never happen. I happen to like my last name.

Once the name is in place, everything else falls into place to see what we have now. With the launch of The Madray, there's some ambitious undertaking happening under its banner like The Madray Ventures. Depthskins did well, went further than I expected and made me grew as a designer and individual. It's going to be an interesting journey see where this goes and where it takes me.

Special Thanks:

  • Charles Lee
  • Jeremy Pair
  • Dinesh Gajbhiye
  • Srdjan Kirtic
  • Khadija Benn
  • Pandu Zambare

I imagine quite a few designers/developers will be taking a look at this so by all means, feel free to leave your critiques here. If you have none, give The Madray a warm welcome. Thanks for stopping by.