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My Journey to Raising Capital, Building Client Base & Networking

I've recently moved to the USA. In fact, it's been 9mths since I'm here. Always seen as the land of opportunity I've been wanting to come here for a long time at great sacrifices. I'm here. Now what? Be it the land of opportunity or not, I believe:

Opportunity is something you create, it doesn't come knocking on your door.

This summer, I'll be doing just that, creating opportunities. From June 1st - August 11th I will be a travelling designer/entrepreneur. First stop is San Francisco, right smack in Silicon Valley where I'll be staying for one month at The Startup Mansion.

San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge 黄昏时分的海湾大桥

San Francisco, CA

At the end of June, I'll head out to Texas where it's partially business, partially family visit and I can't wait.

Houston Ship Channel

Houston, Texas

After the stop in the great state of Texas, I head out to bustling New York, New York.

Wet New York

New York, New York

Afterwards I head out to Caracas where I'll be thinking about the next steps while taking a breather, practice some photography and spend some time with my mom.


Caracas, Venezuela

The final stop is a place called Guyana, my home. After not visiting in 2 or 3 years (I can't remember) I'll be looking at the scene in Guyana and whether The Madray Ventures could consider some type of program while in our infancy. The very least is that I'll walk away with ideas for what can be done in the future.

Georgetown, Guyana

Georgetown, Guyana

The Hustling Activities

In San Francisco I'll be pitching various ventures in hopes of raising funds for any of them. Additionally, I'll be networking to promote The Madray and The Madray Ventures in the valley in hopes of taking on promising start-ups we can help. Networking events, conferences and meet-ups will be my day to day activities.

Rinse and repeat these activities when in New York.

I think there's much I'll learn on these trips so I've chosen Vimeo as the video recording app of choice to share video logs in networking, raising funds, pitching ideas, etc. It's not going to be formatted but raw footage as I remember to take them. There will be a mix of personal and business related, I'll try to filter where the personal ones will be on my personal blog (haven't decided where yet).

If you have suggestions for places to visit, things to do, people to meet, by all means, please post in the comment below. Otherwise wish me luck, subscribe to RSS or Twitter to follow this journey.