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StartupGuild: A Great Idea

We call our blog 'ideas' so it's only natural that we either highlight good ideas or suggest them. After much delay in observation, it's time to point out StartupGuild, an excellent community for tech entrepreneurs founded by Justin Vincent. It's a great idea with clever execution.

StartupGuild is a vibrant, active, real-time, informal group of tech entrepreneurs.

In the world of lean startups, StartupGuild exemplifies this ideology because instead of building something from the ground up which would have been my approach, the founder simply used Yammer. In fact, Yammer is now an official sponsor of the community which is excellent.

This community is great for any tech entrepreneur since it allows you to build out a great network. In fact, the moment you join I would say every member because part of your network because that's what they're there for, helping each other the best way they could. There's a lot of motivation and it's a great place to vet an idea.

Check it out.