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Businesses and Their Complete Experiences

I read this article by Dustin Curtis entitled The Flimsy Doorknob and A Forgettable Receipt that talked about a complete experience from the moment you enter an establishment to the moment you leave. I especially loved the one on the Doorknob. You must read it, it's a great article. What I wanted to cover is that sometimes such experiences does occur and it's so pleasant when it does.

On Tuesday I went to LensCrafters in Carlsbad, San Diego. I entered and the cheery receptionist greeted me and even genuinely thanked me for showing up early. It was actually a little surprising because it's almost like I did them a favor. It's always nice to be appreciated right?

They showed me to the seating area but I walked over to start checking our frames. One thing I truly dislike is when I'm shopping, people standing there asking me if they could help. If you can help me, I'll let you know because then I'll ask. Be there when I need you and be invisible when I don't. So it was nice to stand there and peacefully browse.

The doctor was great. Spoke to me conversationally, like a friend checking my eye and he even suggested tests at no cost that I didn't go in for. When it comes to my eyes, I worry so I took him up on that offer.

At the end of all of it, it was time to buy. LensCrafters gave me discounts in over $500. Now this is part of the experience that some of us really care about for good reasons so I really enjoyed that bit. All the necessary paper were filed, payments made and then the receipt. The receipt Dustin Curtis pointed out that no one seems to give a shit about even not even Nike. While true, not LensCrafters. As a designer, this is where I was pleasantly surprised. Every other experience you expect, it's a must but not this.

Their receipt was well designed, supremely better than the crap you usually get from great brands like Starbucks, you know, the receipts you  toss out before you know it. The layout was clean, clear and consistent. Good use of whites space for improved legibility. Nicely framed in matching colour to the envelope. That's right, all the paperwork was placed in a branded envelope with their logo and website which I was able to tuck neatly away instead of fumbling with papers as I happily walked out.


LensCrafters Envelope

Nice work LensCrafters. That was a complete experience.